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Cantucci with Apricot - 200gr -

Cantucci with Apricot – 200gr


Cantucci are perhaps the best known Italian cookies. Made from a simple dough of flour, sugar and egg, into which whole almonds are folded. These cookies are rather hard and dry, but that’s the way they actually should be. According to tradition Cantucci are served as a dessert, paired with the Tuscan wine called vin santo.

Cantucci with Apricots have a light, sweet and summery flavour.


Lagonero is a small family business producing traditional quality Italian biscuits and cakes with love.

They are inspired by simplicity – choosing only the best raw materials, authentic recipes and careful traditional cooking methods.

Every day this is their priority that drives their passion, to spoil customers when they discover ancient tastes and knowledge through their sweet delights.

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Weight 200 kg


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